Pedro Sauerwald sq.jpg

Pedro Sauerwald

Senior Manager

Pedro is a senior management consultant with a background in strategic, commercial, and operations management advisory. As an accomplished and trusted adviser, with experience in national security, space, and ICT spheres, Pedro enjoys collaborating with courageous people to positively extend the reach and depth that technology brings to society. This includes work from managing user uptake and outreach for the EU Space programme to digital transformation, to costing next-generation electronic warfare jet aircraft, to developing capital plans for large-scale digital transformation.

In doing so, Pedro has a record for managing large and complex programs and projects that include experiences with capability development, market development, international engagement and outreach, capital investment planning and optimisation, and technology business management. He also has a Master of Business (Strategic Procurement & Outsourcing), a Master of Security and Defence Management, a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Psychological Science.