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About Us

The Public Sector Advisory Board (PSAB) is a newly established brand under Secure & Innovate Group.


The PSAB has been established to provide independent advice, guidance, and professional assistance to S&IG clients at the executive levels. Our experienced executive team bring experience across whole of public sector within Australia specifically focusing on helping businesses with their brand, marketability, operations and business development strategies.

How It Works

Providing Guidance

The provided guidance and advice include the identification, analysis and management of opportunities and risks, across a full range of commercial, political, legal and other issues that could have a material influence on S&IG’s client’s ability to successfully achieve its vision in their respective marketplace across public sector.

Professional & Ethical Standards

The PSAB is designed to be an independent body with the primary objective of developing professional and ethical standards in the public interest for the members of both industry and the Commonwealth of Australia.


The provision of guidance, advice and assistance is an ongoing process and the role of the PSAB is expected to evolve over time to suit the needs and stage of development of S&IG’s clients. It must be responsive to changes in the external environment and internal developments across the public sector in Australia.


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