Greg Baker

Executive Advisor

Greg Baker served for 35 years in national security with the Australian Government in defence, intelligence, and foreign policy roles in Canberra and overseas.  Prior to joining the Department of Foreign Affairs in 2002, Greg served for 15 years in the Australian Army as an intelligence officer including an exchange posting with the US Indo-Pacific Command.


His extensive experience in the Indo-Pacific region includes postings in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.  Greg has significant experience working with the national security community and its international partners in Australia and overseas; and has led multi-agency teams in Afghanistan, the Middle East, and the Ukraine following the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 in 2014. 


Greg served as a Senior Executive Service officer for 10 years in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Home Affairs portfolios in Canberra with responsibilities for counter terrorism, counter proliferation, counter people smuggling, transnational issues and the Pacific.  In the Department of Home Affairs Intelligence Division, he established and led the multi-agency COVID 19 Counter Misinformation Team.